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RPTT Update - 15 March 2008

By on sharon

I returned to the Richmond Park Time Trial today after a long absence. Kirsty and I decided that we fancied a change of course and so off we skipped…

I had forgotten what a tough course this is compared to BPTT! The first little up, then the looooong down, then an almost flat grassy bit and then up again. I had no clue what my plan was, I just ran. My leg felt a little tight and someone had put lead in my quads but apart from that it was fine. I finished 55th/66, not many finishers today for some reason…perhaps because people are in the depths of marathon training?

Much later in the day, whilst we were looking at the results, I was pleased to note that I had run a PB for RPTT (27:54). I didn’t even realise when I crossed the line. This also shows how much harder this course is, as the previous week at Bushy I had run over a minute faster.

One day I will try out some of the other Time Trial courses…I keep saying that…

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