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Injury update

By on david

So, before getting injured my last real run was on 13th March, and since that date I stopped running completely. After a few days of frustration with not running I had to move on and thankfully I was perfectly able to cycle and swim, so I upped my training in that department and also made a once or twice a week visit to the gym. It was strange, after a week or so I didn’t particularly miss running as I seemed to be busy enough doing other activities (including a lovely bike ride that was just under 45 miles).

On Thursday 10th April, four weeks to the day since I had last run, I went for a very easy 3.5 mile jog with Kirsty - who was recovering after the Bungay Marathon the previous weekend. I could feel a slight tightness in my calf afterwards but was not at all surprised and was very happy with the progress. It looked like I could start to resume running again.

Last weekend (12/13th) Sharon and I were in Scotland for a very good friends wedding and with him being a runner as well we’d planned to go for a early morning easy jog with him on his wedding day. Richard, Sharon and I had a gentle 4 mile jog (Sharon and Richard in the photo) around the Loch by the hotel we were staying at and I had no trouble at all. The following morning I ran a 5.5 mile run at my regular LSR (long Sunday run) pace (just under 8 minute mile pace).

I’m gently easing back into running again and not taking any chances - it’s just not worth it. Looks like I’m back in action again. Brilliant.

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