BPTT Update – 10 May 2008

The past week has seen fantastic Summer weather (at least in London) and this morning’s BPTT was sure to be a busy one (there were 439 finishers today). Sharon and I were up early and by 7am this morning I was swimming in a local lake as part of my training for a middle-distance triathlon I’m taking part in next month. After a good swim of about 1.5 miles it was in the car to head off to Bushy Park. I planned to do my weekly long run today (good practice following a swim) and headed off nice and easy.

After just over four miles and at about 2 minutes to 9am I had found my way to the BPTT start line ready for the ‘gun’. I ran the 5k much faster than my long run pace but nowhere near my race pace. I finished in 21 minutes which I was happy with. After grabbing a quick drink I continued my run for a further four miles making a total run this morning of 11.5 miles.

2 comments on “BPTT Update – 10 May 2008
  1. Kirsty says:

    It’s good doing beepy as part of a longer run isn’t it? Makes it all seem shorter for some reason!

  2. Danny Boy says:

    Agree with Lirsty, welcome to Marathon training using Beepy as a longer run.

    Was funny watching you at different points.

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