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#winterswim 2009-2010 - 24 January 2010 update

By on david triathlon

After first writing about #winterswim at the start of November and a couple of posts since then I thought I’d give a quick update.

The fortnightly challenges have continued and so far we’ve had to time ourselves over 400m, 100m, 400m, 200m, 400m, 800m and the current ‘round’ being another 400m.

Although my best performance was over 100m, the regular 400m time trials are an excellent way of seeing (any) progress and I’m pleased to say I’ve improved each time - with my best times for each 400m ‘round’ being 6:48, 6:47, 6:39 and this past week 6:35. I know I’ve got plenty to do to work to improve my efficiency in the water and look forward to seeing things continue to improve.

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