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Kingston parkrun - 27 March 2010

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Yet another parkrun enters the world - this time in Kingston, right alongside the Thames between Kingston and Richmond. The first event was last week, on 20 March when Sharon ran (don’t hold your breath for a blog entry!) and I didn’t run as I was out getting some mileage in on my bike.

This week I decided to give it a go. I was running a race in the afternoon and needed to get a bike ride in as well so decided to put a 5k/3mile run either side of my bike ride. This meant that my Saturday morning started with a parkrun.

The course has changed since last week (which was a change from the original course) and 38 of us took part. I’ve had a good running week (for a change) and got a 10 mile run in on both Monday and Wednesday evenings. In anticipation of a long days training I took it steady and crossed the line in 20:02 in 8th place. There was some confusion over part of the course during the turnaround, where you run into Ham Lands and this will explain my GPS measuring 3.02 miles (4.86km). I’m sure there’ll be more marshalls/markings out next week.

Apart from the towpath being a little muddy (as always down that stretch past Teddington Lock) its a lovely course right alongside the river. Great stuff.

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