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Ranelagh Harriers Baker Cup - 27 March 2010

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After running Kingston parkrun in the morning and clocking just under 80 miles on the bike between 10am and 3pm it was time for my first ‘brick’ (bike-to-run) session of the season!

In 2009 I did a similar thing by getting a few miles in on the bike before the Baker Cup race but this time I chose to pace my run a little better and not blow up in the second half.

As we lined up at the start based on handicap timings I was horrified to see where they’d put me - I’d been screwed up good and proper! I was not impressed to be starting 20 seconds after club ladies captain Marie and knew I’d have a tough time trying to not be last!

Well, I took the run at a steady pace (averaging 6:51 miling for the 3 mile hilly course) after about the first mile was in last place. Ho hum. Not much changed until the last few hundred metres when I overtook a couple of people, one of them being a ‘guest’ runner.

I crossed the line second from last (oops!) but was actually pretty happy with my run. I ran the 3 miles in 20:45 with my splits for each lap being 10:22 and 10:23 - so great steady pacing. Speed wise I was 15th fastest out of the 43 finishers.

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