Ranelagh Harriers Coad Cup Handicap – 13 July 2010

I’d not planned to run this race as it was only five days prior to an Ironman race I was doing in Germany, but as we were going to be driving overnight that night and most of the following day I thought it would be good to give my legs a bit of a ‘spin’ before the long car journey.

My plan was to run steady, not hard and also be very very aware of any uneven ground – the last thing I want now is a twisted ankle!

I followed my plan well and ran the 4.96m course in 34:56 – around 7 minute miling.  Not bad for a cross country course in Richmond Park.  As it was a handicap race and I was taking it easy I finished 49th out of 55 competing runners.   In the order of speed I was a more respectable 25th fastest out of 77.  The extra 22 runners were ‘guests’ – those who do not have an official Ranelagh Harriers handicap time.  Only those who do (55 of us) were eligible to race and win the Coad Cup.

I was happy with the run and straight afterwards Sharon and I raced home, grabbed a bite to eat and headed off to catch a ferry from Dover to Calais…

2 comments on “Ranelagh Harriers Coad Cup Handicap – 13 July 2010
  1. Duncan Mallison says:

    But I am waiting for your Ironman report…come on I want to read about it!!

  2. David says:

    I could have told you all about it if you’d have bothered to turn up to the Elmbridge 10k on Sunday. Slacker. I see you’re on the entry list for the Wedding Day 7k. See you then…

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