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1 day to go...

By on sharon

All of sudden, it’s, “the day before the London Marathon”. Gosh, that came around quickly ;)

This morning saw me at Bushy parkrun, taking some photos (including photos of a certain Special parkrun Person getting a shiny PB, awesome!) and meeting parkrunners and parkrun Event Directors from far and wide. It was a great morning, I must say. When Paul looks around and sees what he has created and how people come together from all over the world as a result of his amazing idea, he must be very proud.

I had a chat to the ever-lovely Ann, then suddenly I was feeling excited. It’s the first time I have felt this way, rather than merely petrified, so it was nice. I then ran around a few people, wishing luck to some, having hugs and, “Good luck, be strong” words from others. It was bizarre. For the record, I am currently firmly back in the terrified camp ;)

So, in amongst all the lovely cards and emails and texts and tweets and calls and facebook messages, I found time this afternoon to pin on my number, attach my chip to my shoe and make some cakes (some of which were given to Kirsty as normally I am in charge of the Marathon supporting picnic, so I wanted to at least provide a small contribution to it). The rest of the evening will involve dinner, packing my bag for the morning, then try to get some sleep.

All ready to go! All ready to go!

I cannot believe that this time tomorrow it will all be over. All these weeks and weeks of training. I hope that it ends in the way I want it to.

Bring. It. On.

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