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2 days to go...

By on sharon

Rest day. Nice. Well, I did some chores, went to the supermarket, had an afternoon nap, listened to the Diane Ackroyd interviews on Marathon Talk and then went to a talk given by Comrades Ultra Marathon legend Bruce Fordyce. Wow. He was brilliant, so funny - even for a South African ;)

He spoke a lot about the traditions of the race. This is the kind if thing I love - history of events, traditions, even a bit of pomp and ceremony. It was wonderful - it almost could make me want to go and do it. But it’s 56 miles. So I shall stick to, “almost”. Plus, at the moment, 26.2 miles seems plenty far enough, thank you very much.

David has met him before (when he was whupped by him one morning at Bushy parkrun) and tonight he seemed to enjoy telling David that he should do Comrades. I said I would happily go along and cheer and give out dodgy painkillers, which seems to be the way of the race.

One other thing - just in case you are missing my daily dose of tears, I had some more cards in the post this morning. I shall not name you for making me come over a bit emotional - you know who you are - but suffice to say I have been blown away by the love and support that has been offered and sent my way. It’s amazing. I will be carrying your words with me as I go. Thank you.

So, I am off to bed in a minute. Apparently tonight’s sleep is the most important - mostly because I don’t expect I will sleep much tomorrow night!

Bring. It. On.

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