Kona Diaries 2015 – Day 17 – Race Day – My badass medal!

It’s nearly 1am local time and we’ve just returned from the finish line party after leaving ‘home’ at 4am this morning to go do a silly race thing.

I got round. I’m chuffed to bits with my time considering the training that I’ve done this year.  I’ve a little (er, lot) of sunburn on my shoulders and arms but have a monster of a medal.  Here’s a photo of me taken about 10 minutes after receiving it just after the finish.


I’ll be posting a slightly longer ‘race report’ in a few days time.

Thanks for all the support pre-race, during race and post race.  It means a hell of a lot to me.


10 comments on “Kona Diaries 2015 – Day 17 – Race Day – My badass medal!
  1. steve skelhon says:

    Well done Mr Funkin!

  2. Vera Darlington says:

    You always were and always will be a star. Have a good rest now – you can start partying tomorrow!

  3. Pat and Martin says:

    Very well done.We knew you would do it.

  4. Lee The Pea says:

    Congratulations Funkin, so happy for you. I’ve just read 14 days worth of you blog this afternoon, and now I feel as though i’m in Hawai’i :D

    Enjoy a well earned rest, and congratulations to the lovely Sharon too, as I know this is a two-man (woman?) effort x

  5. Jain says:

    Well done – totally amazing!

  6. Matt says:

    Mr badass! big up yourself, you worked hard for it, well done!

  7. Oliver says:

    Still smiling which says it all. Well done! Looking forward to feeling the medal’s heft when you bring it into work :)

  8. Daddy says:

    What can we say to you david just fantastic achievement all the traumas you have been through now you can have a long rest and enjoy what’s left of your holiday am worn out thinking about what you did . The medal looks huge and lovely cannot wait to see you both on Saturday . Lots of love daddy and mummy x x

  9. Symes says:

    Not bad I suppose!

    Looking forward to your return visit when you show the course what you can do fully prepped.

  10. Din says:

    Congratulations! This is awesome!

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