Brighton Marathon 2017 (David)

Well… this is an easy blog to write.  I didnt’ take part!  I withdrew from the race a couple of weeks ago.

I started training ‘proper’ just after Christmas and started building up my weekly long runs (12 miles, 13 miles, 15.75, 15, 16, 17) and then on 9th February on a short run in advance of an 18 miler planned for the following day I stumbled badly on a large pebble (or similar) on the promenade close to home and twisted my ankle.  It was hurting so much that I had it x-rayed the following day.  I stopped all training and just over a week later I ran a parkrun. My ankle still didn’t feel right.

I didn’t run a step for six weeks after the parkrun (on the 18th February) and ran a parkrun on 1st April – and it was hard work.  I think my ankle is a lot better but trying to run a marathon on no run training would be a foolish idea.  So I withdrew from the race.

Sharon and I did go and support and had a great time.  It was hot (not ‘Kona’ hot, but hot) and the race looked amazing.  I doubt I’ll enter it in 2018.  Maybe in a couple of years time I’ll go back.  We’ll see.

My planned training log has now been removed from the fridge door at home.  It was all going so well…


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2 comments on “Brighton Marathon 2017 (David)
  1. Keith aka Cheggers says:

    Would’ve been nice to meet you but, in a way, I’m pleased you withdrew. As far as I know I was highest finishing (and only!) Pirate. Had you been there and vaguely run fit I somehow doubt I’d have beaten you.
    Great day and a really well organised race.

    • David says:

      Oh, so you were the pirate. We gave you a few cheers (oh arrrgghsss) on the course near the turnaround part just before 16 miles. You were the only pirate I saw. Well done.

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