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Gadgets, who needs em!

By on david

I work in IT, meaning that I’m talking technology all day long. I’m surrounded by laptops, DVD’s, servers, USB keys, blah blah blah.

Some of this has tranferred over to my running…I’ve been the owner of a Polar RS200sd since August last year. I was tempted to go for a Garmin GPS device but in the end went for the Polar. Its a heart rate monitor and distance measuring thingy (that’s technical talk you know), and I really like it.

Much that I love technology and number crunching some of the results (see my 10k graph from February) - the splits I take during the Saturday time trial and also my heart rate, there’s plenty more that the watch can do but I don’t bother with. I’ll try them out someday but for now I’m happy with how things are.

One thing I was going to add to my previous post about my BPTT best time from Saturday is that I ran it without looking once at my watch. I ran as hard and as fast as I could, and I paced myself to the distance (I’ve run the race 37 times now so know the distance well) and listened to my body, as although technology can be a great aid, your body knows what’s best.

I’m sure I’ll be glancing at my watch again during time trials and I’ll definately keep an eye on it during the races I’m running in the next few weeks, but I just wanted to say that for me, technology isn’t everything. Not sure why it took me so many words to write this though. Probably as I really enjoy sitting here at home with my Macbook computer and wireless network connected to our broadband connection…. *yawn*

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