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BPTT Update - 2 June

By on david parkrun sharon

Once again we’re racing elsewhere on Sunday so todays plan was to take it easy. After a congested start, and first 1.5k’s I managed to find room and ended up pushing quite hard. There were a few people around and I didn’t really want to fall off of the back of the pack that I was in.

In the final straight I ran most of it with a chap called Duncan Mallison (who I’ve run a few races with before) and we were side by side. I edged past him nearer the finish but in the final bit a couple of people got past me, even when I put a harder effort in. OK, I shouldn’t have run it anywhere near as hard as a did, but it was enjoyable (but bloody hard work) and I clocked in another comfortable sub-19 minute time. I finished in 31st place with a time of 18:51.

Sharon is nursing all kinds of foot-related injuries that she’ll probably write about at some point soon, but after heading off with a plan to get round in 31 minute, she finished in around 30:56.

The weather today was really warm, and is set to continue for Sunday’s race.

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