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Regular readers may have noticed the lack of recent weekly “BPTT” (Bushy Park Time Trial) updates – well, we’re trying to make this blog more than just continuous rambling so will mention it more when interesting things happen (i.e., I get a PB – the last one was in October last year).  Well, here’s a quick update on my training/progress this week since last weekends Welsh Castles Relay.

OK, running down hills is tough – real tough – and it’s something I’m not great at.  I believe this is what’s given me so much flippin’ pain in my lower right leg this week.  Monday/Tuesday I had a lot of trouble walking down stairs, and on Thursday morning I went for an easy jog before work – I lasted less than two minutes before I gave up.  I’d caused some nasty damage down there so its time to keep off the running.  To be honest I’m not suprised after a tough few weeks of racing.  I’m happy to give my legs a bit of a rest – but not *that* much of a rest though….

Saturday morning came and I went and watched the 5k time trial at Bushy Park.  The weather wasn’t the best but if I’m in the local area I just have to watch a time trial on a Saturday morning.  Following this (and a customary coffee in Teddington) I returned home, pumped up the tyres on my bike and set off for a long bike ride…. I’ve fancied the idea of cycling to my parents house before (they live on the south coast of England) and thought this would be a good day.  Sharon had been invited to a BBQ at a friends so the plan was for me to cycle 60 miles, and for Sharon to go enjoy a BBQ and then drive to my parents later on.  Hmn, does that sound fair?

Anyway, I found a reasonable route that kept me away from any dual-carridgeway roads as much as possible and kept to small ‘A’ and ‘B’ roads.  After a nasty hill just south of Dorking it was just a little up’n’down until I made it to the last big hill – Bury Hill – at about 48 miles.  This takes you up and over the South Downs, and from here its mostly flat all the way ‘home’.  As I headed over the hill it was raining – pretty hard – and wasn’t much fun.  I then fought through the next few miles to Arundel (which is a lovely little city) and at this point my legs told me they couldn’t do any more.  At this point I was pretty much forced to pull over and just walk for a few minutes and try and stretch my legs a little.  I also ate the last of my ‘energy bars’ to help me with the final 10 miles that remained.  I know I could have called my Dad and he would have come and collected me but there was no way I was going to give up.  I jumped on the bike and got on with it.  It wasn’t fun but it had to be done.

I eventually pulled up at my parents house just over 4 hours after I left home.  My actual ‘active time’ on the bike was 3 hours 50 (which includes a brief toilet stop) and I wasn’t in great shape at the end.  Its funny that two weeks before I cycled 52 miles at the Bala triathlon (which was much tougher) and didn’t feel half as bad as I did on Saturday.  I’m sure nutrition on the bike had a big part to play this time.

Anyway, after a bath (cold of course) and a bit of a rest it was off to the pub for a pint and then a lovely Indian takeaway meal.  A great end to a tough afternoon.

Sunday morning dawned and the wind was blowing strong.  I’m not sure I’ve mentioned it here on this blog before but I used to be a bit of a keen windsurfer.  I’ve got a load of kit at my parents house and today I took advantage of being in the right place at the right time to go for a sail.  I spent around 2.5 hours out on the water in total and had a great sail – and it was great to see that I hadn’t lost too many skills after not sailing in just over a year!

Sharon took a few photos that can be found on our personal gallery but for readers here I leave you with one of my favourite photos from today – me getting a little ‘air time’….

Whilst all this ‘fun’ has been going on Sharon and I have also been keeping a close eye on what’s happened today (Sunday) in Nice as part of the Ironman France race.  We know a few people who were taking part in today’s race and were really pleased to see good friend Stuart finish in just over 12 and a half hours (3.8km swim, 180km bike, 42.2km run).  Brilliant stuff.

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  1. Kirsty says:

    I’ll miss your bptt updates, but then mine *are* so much better…. :oP

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