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David joins the parkrun '100 Club'

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In October 2004, 13 people ran 5k in Bushy Park in south-west London in what was called the ‘Bushy Park Time Trial.’ This event has grown and grown over the years, spawning a number of other events around the country and abroad and more recently rebranding as ‘parkrun’ (see for more information).

I ran my first parkrun in June 2006 and have recently run 100 events - 98 of them as of today being at Bushy Park. Because of this achievement (or strange desire to go running every Saturday morning!) I have now become a member of the ‘100 Club’ - runners who have completed 100 runs at any of the parkrun events.

Photo: Paul Sinton-Hewitt Photo: Paul Sinton-Hewitt

Yesterday (14 March) at Bushy parkrun I was presented with a lovely Nike 100 club t-shirt and jacket just before the start of the event. I look forward to wearing my new t-shirt on Saturday mornings from now onwards.

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