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Nonsuch parkrun - 17 September 2011

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Apparently blogs are like buses, you wait for ages and then along come two very close together…

This morning saw us heading to the inaugural Nonsuch parkrun, in Cheam. I was so impressed at the organisation and the turn-out for a first event was brilliant, very nearly 200 people. Wow! The Lady Mayor is a member of one of the local clubs (Epsom Allsorts) and she was there for the first event too.

We set off, a slight downhill on a path, which swiftly became a little uphill, then along some weird grassy stuff, over a little flint path, through a hedge, over a little bridge, more grass, a bit more uphill, then a slight down to the finish. The course is two laps, I was just hoping I wouldn’t be lapped! It was a leg-sapping course I thought (or maybe that’s just a measure of how rubbish I am!) but I enjoyed it. It was certainly nice to push myself.

David has been twittering on about my doing a sub-30 for the whole week. I had a great run on Wednesday night, which made me think I might have a chance depending on the course. I haven’t been sub-30 since 23 March 2009 (29:39). In fact I finished in 28:51, which was my fastest time since 25 October 2008, when I did a 28:32. So, suffice to say I am as pleased as punch. David thought I looked, “a bit tired” when I finished, so I had obviously tried hard! In fact, our Bushy parkrun visiting group of four were all pleased with how we had run - I managed 155th place out of 199 runners.

The other lovely thing was that we got to catch up with some of our Ironman pals and then went for a latte (skimmed milk, yay!) and chat - David also had a yummy-looking piece of cake but then he had run 11 miles to get to the start of the parkrun, so he more than deserved that.

All in all, a great event, pretty location, nice cafe, good cake (by all accounts), super organisation :) Thumbs up for Nonsuch parkrun!

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