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4 days to go...

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Only 4 days. So 4 miles on the schedule for 4 days to go, had a nice little run - got soaked the first 2 miles but then dried off a bit on the way home. Strangely, the time I don’t think much about the marathon has been when I am running. However, for some reason today as I was running along I started to think about what it would be like to see that, “385 yards to go” sign. It was a little bit overwhelming to be honest. I must confess it got a bit smoky ;)

We were going up to town to meet up with Tom (co-presenter of the Marathon Talk podcast, which I have listened to on many of my long runs) and Helen (his beautiful wifey, also running London on Sunday) for dinner, so we decided that we would go to the Marathon Expo to collect our numbers and timing chips for Sunday. It’s a fiddly journey from this side of London to that side but we eventually arrived.

All of a sudden, we were there! Walking in. To the number collection points. Goodness. My hands were shaking a bit as I collected my number. They shook a bit more as I was given my timing chip. Then that was it. Done. I was ready to go.

David & Sharon collect their numbers David & Sharon collect their numbers

We had a bit of a wander around, I managed to source my favourite flavour of gels (apple, if you’re interested), so on Sunday I will have apple on one side of my race belt and citrus on the other. I also went and said, “hello” to the Macmillan stand and signed in my little section on their wall of runners. I never intended to raise money when running London but one of my colleagues said I really should, so I did. I’ve done pretty well I must say (and thank you so much to everyone for their generosity) and I am sure Macmillan will be glad of every pound raised.

Sharon's space on the Macmillan wall Sharon’s space on the Macmillan wall

Somehow I found myself stood on the, “Depress-o-meter” as David named it. In other words, those fancy scales that tell you how much fat and muscle mass you have. It turns out I have too much fat (what a shocker, not!), I am however 48.7kg of muscle - so well over half of me is muscle and more so in my right leg and left arm, odd. I wonder how I’ve improved since losing 3 stone? I am relying on my right leg to drag me round on Sunday then ;)

We went along to listen to Martin Yelling (husband of Olympian Liz Yelling and the other voice of Marathon Talk!) for some last minute advice and calming for me. Unfortunately, the aforementioned, “385 yards to go” sign was a slide in the presentation…and once again it got a bit smoky ;) Dear oh me.

Sharon listens intently to Martin's every word, *Sharon listens intently to Martin’s every word, *

Dinner with Tom, Helen, Rosie Pink and Martin and we set off home. I had tear-filled eyes 4 times today. Terrible! I think I just need it to be Sunday now. I have laid out my kit, I have my number and chip. I have my last tiny run tomorrow. I have my race plan - including what I will do if things don’t go how I would like.

I’m ready. Bring it on.

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