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3 days to go...

By on sharon

So it’s Thursday. One more run left on the schedule, which was 2 miles. I thought I would run down to Old Isleworth to see the Queen’s Royal Barge, “Gloriana” as she was lowered into the Thames. I timed it to perfection to arrive in sunshine but as the weather had been a bit iffy, donned my goretex running jacket, complete with thumb holes (my favourite thing!) and off I set. It was a bit further than I thought, 1.6 miles away but that’s alright. I was hopefully going to see Stuart down there too, had a catch-up with a fellow Ranelagh Harrier and we waited to see the barge lowered.

Sadly, just as the bells from All Saints Church started to ring (I never knew the oldest part of the church dates from 1398), the skies went black and the torrential rain started. As Gloriana went up into the air on the crane, the thunder started. As she was hovering 3 feet above the water, the hailstones began. So Stuart and I ran away! Well, I ran, he cycled. The hail continued as I ran for over half a mile, stinging my hands - then I remembered my thumb holes :) So my hands were saved, except when I had to pull my hood forward again. It seems every time I say to Stuart, “The weather looks fine…” it decides to prove me wrong! Sorry!

Crazy weather day. I hope it is better on Sunday - not so much for me, I will just plod along - but for the supporters. It will be miserable to be wet and cold stood by the side of the road for hours, cheering on both loved ones and strangers. I know people still will, in the same way that I would and have done, but still…less rain would be good :)

In other news, it’s only been a little bit smoky a couple of times today ;) thanks to messages from some of my Pirate pals. They have been so supportive of me through my training and have put up with me rambling on. I am very pleased that I have people in my life like this - even if their kind messages do make me cry!

3 days to go and I have done my last run until Sunday. Now I have to relax and, as all the experts and coaches say, “Trust my training”. I can do no more.

Bring. It. On.

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