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5 days to go...

By on sharon

Today was my last day at work for a while. I decided a long while ago that I would take the week after the marathon as annual leave (mostly because I don’t think I will be able to get down the stairs, so I just won’t bother) and I wanted time beforehand to rest and get to the marathon expo without any pressure.

On my schedule for today was 3 miles. I set off with Marathon Talk in my ears, which I wouldn’t normally do for a short run, but I wanted to listen to the Katherine Switzer interview. Firstly I heard the, “You know it’s nearly marathon time when…” and Tom was talking about Over-Analysis Paralysis. This is me. I have literally thought of nothing else for quite a long time now. I am paralysed with fear at the thought of it - although I don’t think that’s what Tom meant by the paralysis bit! The only time I forget about the fear is when I am running, so I am hoping that works on Sunday…

Then Tom was talking about doing a short, intense session in the marathon week. So I thought I would try and do my 3 miles a bit harder than I intended, to check my legs still worked. They responded well and I had a good run, with each mile faster than the preceding. Happy days.

Sitting down to dinner, David pressed, “play” on the Sky+ to show me the Sky Sports News Marathon Special he had recorded especially for me. Nice. He’s so thoughtful ;) Flipping heck, I dread to think what he has planned for tomorrow night! It is not helping with the Over-Analysis Paralysis :)

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