6 days to go…

Another day of thinking about nothing else apart from the marathon.

Yesterday we watched the start of the Paris Marathon live at 8am, then I went for a run and arrived home to catch the finish of the Rotterdam Marathon. Then last night we watched the BBC London Marathon highlights program from 2009.

Today I watched the Boston Marathon on telly. Twice. Don’t ask. Each individual watching was split up by a massage.

Suffice to say, my “thinking about nothing else apart from the marathon” problem has not been helped by my recent viewing.

On Tuesday I plan to go for a run to clear my head.

2 comments on “6 days to go…
  1. Jane says:

    A runner from Tring RC has emailed the below …

    For anyone doing VLM, or any other marathon, you might be interested in this link – especially if you are going through some pre-race wobbles like me. I found it very inspiring (in fact it nearly made me cry – I think I’m feeling a bit emotional ahead of Sunday!).


    Go Sharon – Jxx

  2. Mouse says:

    This blog post really made me chuckle, you crazy lady! x

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