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7 days to go...

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Well, it’s one week to go until the London Marathon. I think I am ready. I am going to put down some ramblings over the next week, so that I will be able to look back and see how I was feeling in the run-up.

I had my last Sunday run of the training schedule today, wearing all the kit I might possibly need (hot/sunny/rainy/cold variables all covered with arm warmers, knee socks and visor). I only look marginally like a total doofus. Ahem. My marathon shoes also got a little spin, with their new hot pink Greeper laces too. I had a lovely run with Ann, Ray and a bunch from The Stragglers running club (I was wearing my Ranelagh vest so probably stuck out even more but never mind) through Bushy and Home Parks. I’ve never been in Home Park before, so that was good to be somewhere new. Upon my return home, David asked me all kinds of questions about where I went but quite honestly, I never remember, so maybe somewhere new actually isn’t important at all ;) Every now and again I heard a little call out from Ann or Ray about going too fast. They will be absolutely in my ears next Sunday if I start speeding up when I shouldn’t be. They are wonderful and have been so kind and helpful to me in my training. I do so hope that Ann gets the time at London that she deserves after all of her training and hard work.

I am currently swinging wildly between excitement and fear. I am assured that this is entirely normal before your first marathon. To that end, I am just going with it. David is, of course, being his usual calm self. Good job there’s not two of me in this house ;)

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