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Thoughts on Ironman Hawaii...

By on david triathlon

OK, today is the day of IRONMAN Hawaii. I’ve been getting excited about this day for quite a few weeks and for the past few days I’ve been beyond myself with excitement. I’ve been listening to tons of interviews with athletes on Competitor Radio and IMTalk, been watching the and ‘Breakfast with Bob’ videos, following all the UK folk racing on twitter and generally immersing myself in all things Kona.

It’s going to be a long evening/night watching the race online and I cannot wait to see how the race unfolds.

Going forwards I think I’m going to have to see it for myself in the flesh, so one way or another I think I need to get myself over to Hawaii for the world champs - either watching… or if things go to plan and I learn how to swim and actually train properly then maybe I’ll get a chance to race there.

The journey isn’t meant to be easy. Bring it on! #konababy

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