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2013-08-kona-registrationThe first two weeks after Ironman UK I didn’t have best nights sleep. The feeling of shock after qualifying for Kona is slowly subsiding - normally every time I get my credit card out! Here’s an idea of what I’ve forked out on the past two and a half weeks…

  • Flights (+ extra legroom), accommodation, hire car, USA triathlon license, race photos, pre and post-race banquet tickets for Sharon. I’ve also bought some new goggles, a swimskin (like a tri-suit but just for swimming), bike tires and a chain as well (I think I’ve got a new cassette in the loft so that’ll go nicely with the chain).

I’m sure (in fact I can guarantee) I’ll need some other bits and pieces before the race too!

I think I’m thinking about this race and just the whole trip every hour of every day. I cannot believe it. Plenty of YouTube videos have been watched and there’s plenty more that I intend (and Sharon will be strongly encouraged) to watch.

The only thing I have to do now is get myself to the start line fit, healthy and ready for a punch-up in the 2.4 mile swim! I’m easing back into training again and will slowly build up. I’ll be out in Hawaii some good time before the race to get acclimatised (any excuse to go on holiday eh!) and to swim/bike/run on parts of the course. I cannot wait.

Now, the problem right now is that I did did a couple of runs just over a week ago and somehow hurt my left foot/ankle. I’ve no idea how I did it - I didn’t (or don’t) remember any twisting or stumbling but whatever reason it hurts. Is is a stress fracture? Just a sprain? I’m not sure. I’ve poked and prodded and nothing makes me jump in pain so that’s maybe a good thing. My plan right now is to stop running for a couple of weeks or so and continue getting miles in on the bike. Even if I don’t run for four or five weeks provided I get the other stuff in then that’s all good. Maybe some gentle running in the warmth of Hawaii in a few weeks will get me back in action again :) All I need to do on 12 October is get that finishers medal. Even if I’m racing the amazing 82 year old man that is Lew Hollander to the finish line (although I’m concerned as I’ve not seen him on the entry list so far!) I’ll do it one way or another.

Anyway, enough of the depressing talk…

I’m sure I’ll post more about the race in next few weeks (or probably days to be honest!) and when I get to Kona (a few days before Sharon comes out) then I’ll definitely be posting some photos and hopefully bits of video of what’s going on.

Finally, although this video isn’t about the Hawaii race, it’s a great little video about what I do. It was shown at the pre-race ‘pasta party’ at Ironman UK and is great when viewed on a big screen, lights out and the volume up loud.–kwnmw

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