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Kona Diaries 2013 - Day 2 - Settling in

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OK, the last blog I wrote I was about to get on a flight from San Francisco to Kona so it’s time for a catchup. The five hour flight went really smoothly and I chatted a bit to the couple in the same row as myself. I failed to win the ‘Guess the exact time we get half-way to Hawaii competition’ that they do on the flight.

We landed shortly after 7pm (Wednesday) and it was dark. Proper dark. Stepping off the plane it was like someone had left the heating on! It was really really warm. I headed to the baggage carousel (no customs/immigration here as it was a domestic flight from San Francisco) and collected my bike and bags.

Welcome to Hawaii.  Kona Airport. Welcome to Hawaii. Kona Airport.

After queueing for ages at the hire car place and getting a car which my bike wouldn’t fit into (it wasn’t a hatchback) the kind chap behind the counter found another car for me - a fancy 4WD jeep. That’ll do nicely :)

I arrived at the condo where we’re staying (I say ‘we’ as Sharon will be joining me a few days) and crashed for the night. I was shattered.

Thursday morning I woke up about 4:40am! I had a drink (well, tap water was all that was available!) and after a leisurely start I headed into town for breakfast. We’re staying about a mile and a half from the ‘pier’ so just over a mile from where the shops/cafes begin. I went to Island Lava Java for breakfast. The place is right by the ocean just beside the road (Ali’i Drive) and is in a stunning location. I’ll get a nice photo from the place soon.


Beer and Crisps!  Hawaiian Style. Beer and Crisps! Hawaiian Style.

After breakfast I headed off to get some shopping. I checked out the local swimming pool as well (which looks lovely), returned ‘home’ and then started rebuilding my bike.

Once built I took it out for a little spin. I’d not ridden outside for four weeks because of my foot (I did a few indoor rides on the turbo trainer) and it was lovely to actually have some moving scenery whilst riding! I took it steady and rode just over 20 miles. It was good to be back.

A little more food shopping in the evening (picking up everything I forgot first time around) and after dinner (where I almost fell asleep whilst eating) I was in bed by 9pm.

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