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So, when I walked up on stage at the prizegiving ceremony after Ironman UK last month I was probably the only first place (or even podium) finisher without shaved legs! To be honest I’ve never had the desire to shave my legs - heck I don’t even shave my face!

During the past few months I’ve had a little bit of stick from a few, er, friends regarding the hairy-growth coming from my lower limbs. Those boys at Black Line London are mostly to blame to be honest. On a long bike ride down to Brighton and back in August I got a fair amount of stick from those silky smooth legged ‘men.’ OK, I admit that perhaps I was a little vain when I bought water ‘with a hint of strawberry’ from the garage to refill my water bottles on the way back, but to be honest I was lucky they even spoke to me with my legs that day!

I will not succumb to peer pressure. I will not succumb to peer pressure. I will not succumb…

When I completed my first Ironman in 2009 I had every intention of getting an Ironman tattoo (see examples of which that people have over at Google Images). I ummed and ahhed for a couple of weeks and then it just never happened. I then said that I’d not get one unless I ever made it to the holy grail of Ironman - the world championships in Hawaii. Doh! Well, I’ve still no plans to get one.

As for shaving my legs, from what I hear they won’t let you and your bike off of the plane and through immigration at Kona airport if you’ve got hairy legs, so it has to be done!

However, a little leg hair - it’ll grow back. What’s the big deal.

I’ve had a few discussions with Sharon about how to approach this life changing moment and a conversation we had seemed to move onto twitter a few days ago whilst I was out swimming. By the time I had finished Sharon and our friend Emma had discussed the reasons (for ease of massage or vanity - vanity of course!!) and technique to use. Suggestions like the following were banded around…

“I thought we would clipper him, then shave…he won’t be waxed.”

“Clipper all trouser area, shave what isn’t under shorts?”

Bloody hell, this is all a bit complicated.

Well, lets just say that this afternoon I spent some ‘me’ time in the bathroom with my charged up clippers and I’ve done what I believe will be acceptable enough to let me off of the plane. I’m now almost as smooth as a babies bottom. However, I have a suspicion that I’ll be itching like I’m covered in fleas tonight!

As for my face. The hair is staying put.

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