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Kona Diaries 2015 - Day 19 - It's all so quiet

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So today we didn’t even make it to the pier? I woke up early after very few hours sleep (again) - some relaxing holiday this has turned out to be!! I wouldn’t change it for the world though. We’re having a fantastic time.

OK, post race (there will be a ‘proper’ race report at some point) my quads are aching a bit but I can walk down stairs so that’s a good thing. My sunburnt shoulders feel ok. The main problem is my feet. By the balls of my feet where they felt like they were on fire for 26.2 miles on Saturday they really flippin’ hurt. An ‘incident’ with a safety pin this morning made things much much better. I can just about walk now.

My feet were swollen a lot today. I know now what I would looklike if I was massively obsese - from the ankles down!

Sharon headed out to fill the car with petrol (gasoline) and although I was meant to be just relaxing I ended up disassembling my bike and getting it packed into its box. I have no plans to ride my bike before we go home.

It was a really quiet day. In the afternoon we popped over to the local shopping mall as we wanted to go to a little bookshop - Kona Stories. There I bought a book that I’d heard about at the ‘Heroes of Hawaii’ evening held on race week Monday. Its a book written by the only Queen that Hawaii has had - QueenLiliuokalani. This should keep me busy on the train to London over the coming weeks.

We came home, took a dip in the swimming pool, laughed at a French chap who was sunbathing in compression socks, and also chuckled when we saw he’d removed his race number ‘tattoos’ from his arms but very carefully left the Ironman logo part on his skin!

Sharon and I then headed into town to meet up with Andy and Emma at Huggo’s on the Rocks. This is a bar/restaurant next door to where the Breakfast with Bob interviews are held and we ate, drank cocktails and listened to live music and hula for the evening. It was lovely.20151013-huggos

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