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My 'most run parkrun' has now changed

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I ran my first parkrun (well, Bushy Park Time Trial) in June 2006. I’ve run at Bushy parkrun 247 times.

In 2014 we moved from South-West London down to a village just outside of Bognor Regis on the south coast. Bognor Regis parkrun held event #1 that same week.

Today, 29 January 2022, I ran my 248th run at Bognor Regis parkrun – making this my “most run parkrun.”

I’ve now run a total of 563 parkruns and my next “most run event” (after Bognor and Bushy) is Richmond parkrun with ten runs, followed by Bedfont Lakes parkrun with six. Richmond was close to where we used to live and we helped out and supported the event when it first started and Bedfont Lakes parkrun was over the road from a lake (hence the name!) where back in 2009 I used to do some open water swimming early on Saturday mornings before the parkrun.

I used to think that running nearly 250 laps around Bushy parkrun was crazy – but the Bognor course is four laps, so that’s just under 1,000 times past the start/finish line!

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