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Cranleigh 21 mile race - 25 March 2012 (David)

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I tried to run this in 2008 but injury got in the way. In 2011 I ran and enjoyed it and I was back again this year for more of the same. Last year when I finished my run I felt that I could have run another six miles there and then and had a great marathon. The marathon I ran a few weeks later didn’t quite go to plan (being ill two weeks beforehand didn’t help) but perhaps I’d left my ‘best’ run on the road at Cranleigh in 2011. This was not going to happen this year…

The schedule I’ve been following had me down for a long run of 17 miles. So, I’ve messed that up for starters by running 21 miles but never mind (my session on Saturday wasn’t as long as it could have been so the miles will balance themselves out). The planned long run pace is also considerably slower than my expected marathon pace so the run shouldn’t feel too difficult and should also not require too much recovery meaning that my mid-week sessions can be run with enough intensity to make me stronger and faster. That’s the plan anyway!

The run is split into a nine mile loop and then two six mile loops. The first nine miles were done at around 7:58 pace (a little faster than planned but not too much) and then I gently increased the pace a little, running the next six miles at 7:54 pace.

When it came to the final lap I pushed much harder and ran the next six miles at 7:25 minute miling pace.

After a little over 2 hours and 45 minutes I was over the finish line collecting my medal. The run went pretty much to plan. My legs (currently) feel fine and my heart rate averaged 145 bpm which is bang on in my easy long run range.

I’ve another long run planned next weekend and then it’ll be time to start cutting back the milage in advance of the London Marathon. I can’t wait.

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