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Not The London Marathon 2013 (David)

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In 2009 it was suggested that a social run around the Bushy parkrun 5k course a few weeks out from the London Marathon would be a great little motivator for those long runs and also to get to share a long run with people who are running different distances - so not just for the 20+ miler club! Not The London Marathonwas born! You can read about2009,2010,2011and the 2012events elsewhere on this blog.

The ‘rules’ are as follows…

  • Start around 9am
  • Start at the Bushy parkrun current finish line.
  • Run the Bushy parkrun course as many times as you like, looping round the start line and finishing line trees.
  • Anyone can join in and run any number of laps at any time at any speed, either alone or in groups.
  • No official timing, time yourself if you’d like.
  • Friends and supporters congregate at the parkrun finish line to give encouragement and support, or maybe just enjoy an alfresco picnic/refreshments and a social.
  • People can run as many laps as they like.
  • It’s Not the London Marathon, cos it’s not a race, it’s not a marathon distance for everyone, and anyone can join in anytime.

The date was set for Sunday 10 March and a large number of us (around 50) found ourselves on the ‘old startline’ for Bushyparkrun. After a quick photograph we all set off to run anything from 3 miles right up to the full 26.2 marathon distance back and forth on the Bushy parkrun route.

It was chilly, it was windy and at 10:30 we shared part of the route with a 10k race being held in the park. It was great fun, I ran with friends, we chatted, we laughed, we ran. Some of us ran a long way!

My run finished up as just under 19 miles. My pace was pretty much in the range I was after. It didn’t feel particularly tough. My right calf feels tight (as it has done for about a month now) but writing this later the same evening I don’t feel particularly battered from this run.

After a 20 mile long run last weekend and 19 this weekend I plan to step back a bit next weekend.

Instead I’m going to treat myself to a 100 mile bike ride!

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