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IMTalk Kona Weekend Half Ironman (11 October 2020)

In this strange old time we’re living in races have been cancelled all over the world – one of them being the Ironman World Championship in the town of Kona, on the island of Hawaii.  The IM Talk podcast that I’ve been listening to for well over ten years decided to keep the interest in the race going and do their own ‘virtual’ event on the same weekend. Rather than do a full 140.6 mile Ironman they planned a Half

Ironman Lanzarote 2019 – Race Day

Three days after the race we’re sat on the plane flying home. Right then, lets write a blog. This is what came to mind. I needed to write a bit more than that, so here goes…starting with Friday (the day before the race). My pre-race blog can be found here. After taking the bike and transition bags (bike shoes in one, run shoes in another) down to the ‘race village’ on Friday afternoon it was back to the apartment to

Ironman Lanzarote 2019 – what am I doing here!

Right then, this blog is overdue a little update I’d say. I did sneak in a post about getting to my 500th parkrun a couple of weeks ago but other than that all has been suspiciously quiet – mainly as I think I’ve retired from this long distance nonsense. After Kona in October 2015 I thought I’d have a year or two off. I did. It was lovely. There’s far too many distractions around the house, with the local sailing

Bognor Regis Sea Swim Triathlon – 11 September 2016

2016 has been a quiet year in terms of races – especially multisport ones.  I did a duathlon earlier in the year and now it was time for a triathlon – this was my only triathlon planned for the year and I found one based less than half a mile from our front door.  Absolutely perfect. The Bognor Regis Sea Swim Triathlon consists of a 750m sea swim, a bike ride of just 12 miles and a 5k run.  My

Kona Diaries 2015 – Consistency… Consistently injured!

Firstly don’t be alarmed, I’m not there yet! In 2013 when I qualified for the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii it was a once in a lifetime trip and I spent a full month in paradise for the race. Later this month we’re super excited to be heading back to Kona once again (I guess it’s not once in a lifetime anymore!) for little bit of fun and triathlon. So, I’ve had all sorts of ideas to help get the

Bognor Regis Triathlon 2015

People who know me know that I don’t race much. This year my race calendar has been rather empty. I did a 10k run in May, a 3.8k (river current assisted) swim in June and a club cross country race in July. I’m a regular 5k parkrunner with close to 350 runs to my name but I treat them as steady runs with cake at the finish. Hmn, but David – you do triathlons… which ones have you done this

River Arun Swim – 13 June 2015

I’ve been wanting to enter this 2.4 mile swimming event for a few years now as it’s only based a few miles from my parents house.  Well, now that we live in the same village after moving last year it’s now close to ‘our’ house and I knew I’d be around this weekend.  So that was it, I entered my first swimming race. The idea of entering a swim of this distance is to give me something to aim for

So… the extended off-season…

Had it not been for my fantastic day at Ironman Wales in September 2014 I very much doubt that I would be doing an Ironman race this year. I’m happy that I’m only going to be doing one Ironman in 2015 – Hawaii. I love the events but the racing is tough – real tough and I’m not a huge fan of going into a pain cave for so long! I think I’ll be able to manage it in Kona