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Virtual London Marathon 2020 (Sharon)

So. We entered the Virtual London Marathon on 28th August, David thought it would be a good idea. For some mad reason, I agreed – five weeks prep would be fine wouldn’t it? We also managed to convince the Porters that they wanted to do it too. Heh.  As the next couple of days passed by, I was swinging wildly between it being ok and I’ll be fine to NOT! WHAT AM I THINKING?!  To try to control my nerves,

Chichester 10k – 2 February 2020 (Sharon)

Well. It’s been a long time since I blogged and an even longer time since I blogged about running a race. There had been much discussion (and many attempts by David and Kirstee) to get me to enter the Chichester 10k – I was declining and David told me he’d filled in the form for me! Next thing I knew my running number came through the post – and my tummy instantly felt squiggly! Anyone that knows me and racing

Ironman Hawaii 2015 – Musings of an IronSherpa

So. It’s tradition in the Rowe household for me to write a few thoughts, which we publish after David has posted his thoughts on the day. It seems a long time ago that David qualified for Kona again at Tenby. I think I vomited my way through most of that weekend, suffering terribly from nerves. When he qualified we both we thinking how amazing it was to have a year for him to prepare, to have the race of his

10 years of parkrun

Martin (David's brother), David and Sharon

In June 2006 I went along to Bushy Park in south-west London and ran 5k.  It was at a little free to run event called the Bushy Park Time Trial.  A month or so later I’d got the running bug for sure so set up this blog to record what I’d been up to.  Since then the Bushy Park Time Trial has changed massively.  It became parkrun – and parkrun is taking over parks and open spaces around the world

Ironman Hawaii 2013 – Video

Regular readers of this blog may have noticed that I went to Hawaii in October 2013.  You may have also noticed that Sharon and I had a pretty good time! Well, to get my friends who are about to fly out to Kona excited about what’s coming up I have at last put together a little video of what we got up to last October.  Enjoy.

Ironman Wales 2014 – Musings of an Iron Sherpa!

In time honoured tradition, I thought I’d write a few words about David’s race on Sunday. It’s self-indulgent (I feel blogs often are) but really we write them so that when we are old we can remember all the fun we had in our lives. In the days before IM Wales I was getting really nervous. By race morning I was a wreck. I vomitted three times in the B&B before we went to the start. I was scared to

Am I a TriWife or TriWidow?

So, I am home alone as I write this and feeling like a TriWidow ;) It’s got me thinking. Am I a TriWife (or TriWaife as I just typed! Hah! I wish) or a TriWidow. This is written from my wifely perspective and yes, I know that there are TriHusbands out there too. I see lots of wives at races wearing, “Widow of Ironman in Training” or somesuch phrase on their hoodie. I’ve never felt that way. I don’t know

Ironman UK 2013 – Musings of an Iron Sherpa!

The following is my side of the ‘accidental qualification’ story by David which I wrote a few days before David wrote his report.  This is the ‘other side’ of Ironman in our household. I used to write Iron Sherpa reports after races, when David first started racing that’s what I aimed to do but it seemed to go by the wayside. However, after the events of this past weekend, I am resurrecting the tradition! This is totally self-indulgent, if you